Getting BPHYT

BPHYT flierGoing along on this journey to explore different gyms, clinics, etc. in order to expand my own knowledge and experience and to really learn, I got a 1 month promotional trial with  BPHYT by Mike Fong.

Having had (actually continuing to have) an a great experience with Form and Function clinic, and learning how clinicians are bringing strength and conditioning into physical therapy and rehab, I wanted to explore the flip side:  Strength and Conditioning specialists bringing rehab, movement, and tissue science into their own practice.


Physio-optimized strength and conditioning

Mike brings his experience in physical therapy with his years in personal training and group training.    Talking with Mike, it was really cool hearing his story of how he began as a trainer in big box gyms, eventually moving into his own training service.  He said his main motivation to get a physical therapy education was because of how seeing a lot of people getting hurt regularly didn’t sit will with him.

Improving HIIT for improved running.  Getting off of the wheel with my LISS training for half-marathon. 

Really early on, I was really into doing HIIT as my cardio.  It was around the same time that I was learning about Westside training, and reading articles from Elite FTS by Dave Tate and his crew in Columbus Ohio.

Then I found out about Alex Viada and Hybrid Athlete, so I abandoned HIIT and started working on long runs, not for better caloric burning but for use in learning to train lifting while running.

Now, having done a few HIIT classes with Mike, I can see how doing something non-specific as intervals with resistance training can carryover to running. The HIIT really has helped, as Mike says, to build lactic threshold which was an issue for me in my half-marathon last year.  I just couldn’t maintain that same pacing.

Team Training 

Being around the environment at BPHYT was also an eye-opener as to how much I was missing out on by not training in a dedicated team.  There’s this awesome camaraderie that’s there and its fun.


In all, I’m very thankful for Mike and Tina for offering their membership promotion, and giving me the opportunity to see the great work that they do at their warehouse training camp.